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Rabbit and guinea pig
3418 Maintenance GLP

This formula for rabbits & guinea pigs is a maintenance GLP diet .This pelleted diet has been formulated as a complete feedingstuff. A wide range of analysis parameters ist available before the diet delivery.


Oats, straw meal, apple marc, soybean meal (NGMO), barley, hay meal, corn gluten (NGMO), wheat middlings, sunflower cake, linseed meal, wheat, soybean oil, minerals, vitamins, amino acids.

Major Nutrients

Dry matter

89.0 %

Crude protein

13.5 %

Crude fat

3.5 %

Crude fiber

16.6 %

Crude ash

7.4 %


48.0 %

Gross energy

15.6 MJ/kg

Metabol. energy

8.8 MJ/kg


18.0 %

Form & Packaging

Form : Pellets 4.5 mm round

Packaging : 15 kg in paper bags


Datasheet 3418 Maintenance GLP

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