Standard diets

KLIBA NAFAG produces from strict recipes standard foods made from natural raw materials. These products are available for a large number of different laboratory animals.

  • KLIBA NAFAG offers standard feeds for the maintenance of laboratory animals, as well as standard feeds that take into account the specific nutritional needs of these animals during their breeding and development stages.
  • KLIBA NAFAG provides standard feeds that meet the standards set by Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).
  • This includes assigning an identification number that ensures both traceability and detailed analysis of nutrients, pollutants and microorganisms. These tests are carried out by an independent laboratory which also issues the corresponding certificate.
  • KLIBA NAFAG follows the guideline prescribed by the German Society for Animal Experimentation (GV-SOLAS) concerning the production of food used in the laboratory. Certificates of analysis are given with each batch.
  • KLIBA NAFAG is able to fulfill any special request, tailor-made solutions are available on demand.