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3409 Maintenance and Breeding CRL, vitamin-fortified, irradiated > 10 kGy

This formula for rabbits is a fixed formula .This maintenance and breeding diet has been formulated as complete pelleted feedingstuff and vitamin-fortified for irradiation (>10kGy)


Wheat bran and middlings, alfalfa, sunflower cake, soy bean meal (NGMO), beetpulp, oats, apple pommace, straw meal, molasses, binder, minerals, vitamins, amino acids.

Major Nutrients

Dry matter

88.0 %
Crude protein
17.0 %

Crude fat

3.3 %

Crude fiber

15.5 %

Crude ash

8.0 %
44.2 %
Gross energy
15.5 MJ/kg


8.0 %

Form & Packaging

Form : Pellets 4 mm round
Packaging : 15 kg in plastic bags with welded lining wrapped in a big outer plastic bag (double packaging)



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