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2029 Experimental diet Vitamin D deficient

A few vitamin adjusted formulas are shown below. Please contact us for additional formulas of this nature or for more information about altering the vitamin profile of a diet, and please read below to learn more.


Wheat, barley, soybean cake (NGMO), wheat middlings, corn (NGMO), poultry meal, wheat starch, refined soybean oil, whey powder, brewer’s yeast, minerals, vitamins, amino acids.

Major Nutrients

Dry matter

90.0 %

Crude protein

18.5 %

Crude fat

4.5 %

Crude fiber

4.5 %

Crude ash

6.3 %


56.2 %

Gross energy

16.5 MJ/kg

Metabol. energy

12.9 MJ/kg


30.5 %

Form & Packaging

Form : Pellets 10 mm round
Packaging : 5 kg in welded aluminium bag


Datasheet 2029 Experimental diet Vitamin D deficient

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