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2122 Experimental diet, purified diet Low Fiber Diet

Sources of carbohydrate: dextrose, sucrose, maltodextrin, lactose, fructose, corn starch, wheat starch, potato starch. A few carbohydrates adjusted formulas are shown below. Please contact us for additional formulas of this nature or for more information about altering the carbohydrate type or content of a diet.


Corn starch, casein, sucrose, dextrose, refined soybean oil, minerals, amino acids, vitamins.

Major Nutrients

Dry matter

93.9 %

Crude protein

18.0 %

Crude fat

5.0 %

Crude fiber

0.3 %

Crude ash

3.5 %


67.1 %

Gross energy

17.7 MJ/kg

Metabol. energy

16.1 MJ/kg


42.5 %

Form & Packaging

Form : Pellets 10 mm round
Packaging : 5 kg in welded aluminium bag


Datasheet 2122 Experimental diet, purified diet Low Fiber Diet

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